May 13, 2021

Using a Green Screen at a Hybrid Event: Everything You Need To Know

BY Tom Mahon

May 13th, 2021

Wondering how to use a green screen at your next virtual or hybrid event? Read on to learn 4 ways a green screen can get your audience closer to the action.

It’s fair to say that the events industry has changed a little over the last 12 months. After gathering with close family, let alone complete strangers, become illegal for long stretches of time, we’ve all had to do a bit of recalibration.

The outcome: innovation. It’s been gratifying to see event professionals from around the world rally to create new and engaging ways for audiences to get together in a remote context to learn, network, teach and (whisper it) even have a bit of fun.

The way that we run events has arguably shifted forever. Virtual and hybrid events (which combine a live production and audience with the additional option to virtually attend) will play a big part in our industry’s future.

With these kinds of events rising in popularity, it’s important to stay informed about the technical elements that stand to add the most value and impact to this flexible format. Enter the green screen…

What Is A Green Screen?

We’ll level with you, the clue is in the name. A green screen enables chroma key compositing (or chroma keying) – a visual effects technique typically applied in video or post-production to seamlessly merge two images or streams together based on their hue. The result? Complete control over the background of your image, which can be manipulated in any way you wish.

Having said the clue is in the name, a green screen can theoretically be any colour, provided its uniform. Green is a common choice as it tends not to match skin tones (any colour that matches the screen too closely will be picked up as background, causing a “hole” in your image.)

We’re used to seeing the technique used daily on our television screens as weather forecasters use green screens to present CGI maps. Now the same kind of functionality can be added to your own event’s presentation

Let’s explore four of the main ways that green screens can benefit hybrid and virtual events.

1. Creative Presentation

Moving graphics, floating objects, interactive and manipulatable elements, a kaleidoscope of colours – a green screen gives you the ability to transform your stage into the ultimate set. The only limits are your imagination when it comes to green screen technology, so make sure you’re working with a production team who pride themselves on an innovative and creative approach to the creation of the graphics that you put into play.

green screen

2. Flawless Branding

Your print budget just shrunk significantly! Brand and instantly rebrand your full stage set at the touch of a button, switching out sponsor logos or business branding with ease. You’ll have the ability to manipulate every element of your scene to be completely in step with the brand you’re representing, from colours to logos, fonts, and illustrative elements. Create instant recognition and a memorable association with a great event.

3. Clearer Communication

Not only will your stage set look much more inviting, you’ll also be able to choose from limitless ways of backing up the content being delivered with clever visual representations. Show graphs expanding in 3D, move maps with the wave of a hand, give precedence to the biggest, boldest headlines or statistics with a full-width presentation. It’s a great way to bring virtual audiences right into the heart of the action, and fully immerse them in your content.

4. Speedy Set-Up

No more lengthy build or tear-down days! Green screens are quick to put up and pack away, and they can be adapted to just about any venue space – so if you don’t have a huge amount of space to play with, it’s not going to be an issue. With a green screen, you’ll be able to do the bulk of your stage design prep in advance, getting your graphics created, tested and shared, so that when event day rolls around, you’re not having to worry about the cost of renting your venue for extra set up time.

It’s Easy Being Green…

Think you might be ready to dip your toe in the exciting opportunity that green screen technology affords the modern event producer? We love the fact that, despite being almost 100 years old, this technique still offers today’s events something special, different, and highly engaging.

No two events will use a green screen in exactly the same way, and this is part of the beauty of the tactic – the ability to take a simple concept and put your own spin on things to inject all of the personality and atmosphere that you’d usually take so much care to create at your live events.

London Filmed has extensive experience in both filming with green screens and producing animated graphics and branded elements that bring your presentations to life. If you’re looking to work with a professional team, dedicated to the smooth running of your event, no matter the format, we’d love to help you explore what a green screen might be able to do for your next event.

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